About Us

Ateam has forged long-standing relationships with renowned designers, stylists, and specialty retailers from across the nation, which has given us the experience to provide the best in high-quality service and care.

Who we are

Ateam Logistics was established in 2011 to cater to the growing demand for high-quality logistics services for commercial, residential, and industry professionals.  What started as a small team of highly trained handlers has since ballooned into a blossoming network of couriers, project managers, handlers, revivalists, and much more.  Despite its growth, our team maintains the very same values that we started with over a decade ago to provide exemplary care and service for all our clients.  Over the years, Ateam has become Australia’s premier logistical solution for high-end and luxurious goods.  

What we provide

Ateam is more than just a delivery company.  Aside from getting your items delivered safely and quickly, we offer a whole array of logistical services to get your business’ supply chain moving smoother.  Our services include transport, warehousing, project management, inventory forecasting, and premium design planning and installations.  At Ateam, we provide a one-stop-shop where you can organise your logistical needs with our highly-trained and friendly staff’s guidance.

Ateam was created with the vision of disrupting a rather careless delivery industry. The vast majority of delivery services are difficult to find and hire and rarely give care to the items they deliver.

At Ateam we have worked side-by-side with designers and creators from our inception; this means that we truly understand and value every item we handle

To disrupt the existing delivery industry to become australia's leading high-end and luxury goods handling service

To provide outstanding service and handling for high-end luxury goods and expemplary logistical services to our clients

We leave our clients feeling satisfied with their project by delivering first-class quality of care.
At Ateam, your success is our success