Pretty Beach House

Michelle Leslie, one of Australia’s most revered designers, asked us to help bring her vision of an iconic sandstone hotel to life. Nestled on the edge of Bouddi National Park, the award-winning hotel captures incredible views of the nearby pretty beach and encompasses state of the art interiors and world leading use of recycled furniture and carpeting.

Reliable, precise, and lovely to work with. Thank you Ateam Logistics!

This was no ordinary project and required particular attention to detail and care from our team. Particularly when working with several priceless items including original artworks by esteemed Australian artists John Olsen and Sidney Nolan.

The team was required to receive back to back deliveries of furniture at the Sydney depot over an incredibly short time frame. Once again, the team’s professionalism and expertise were on full display as all orders were seamlessly collected, checked and delivered within a single a week. This was no easy task considering the remote location of the site and the limited access to some of the rooms on site. One of the bathtubs – weighing over 800kg – proved particularly difficult to move and required 8 men.


In the end the team was successful in providing exemplary service for the client, who was extremely satisfied and went on to win multiple accolades for the luxury hotel design.


Client: Michelle Leslie
Director: Curious & The Specimen