Helping to create the ultimate gentleman’s lounge at Randwick Racecourse was no easy task. This award-winning executive suite proved to be a challenging operation for the team. The polished timber, marble and leather antique furnishings required particularly careful and skilful delivery. With some of the elements such as the timber boardroom table weighing in excess of 200kg and costing a fortune.

Thank you Ateam for your excellent and patient service. You guys are magic!

After receiving the shipments from various acclaimed international suppliers at our city depo, conveniently located in close proximity to the racecourse. The team began to unpack and inspect each of the elements individually, working closely with the designers throughout the process. The luxurious nature of the job meant that special preparation was made for the designers to bring in high-profile clients for exhibit and consultation.


Once a delivery date was finalised with Randwick Racecourse the entire team underwent security checks and prepared to deliver and assemble the intricate set up. The entire job was completed in only one day without any hiccups, a testament to our teams’ dedication and experience. Despite difficulties caused by the narrow walkways in the building and the fragility of some of the furniture, the team was able to deliver an extremely satisfying result for the designer and their high-profile client.


Client: Michelle Leslie
Director: Curious & The Specimen